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Hey! I'm Aaghran

Product Manager | Product Developer | Amateur Blogger & Avid Traveller

Passionate about solving problems, I bring an extensive product background mixed with a keen eye for technology based solution, to bring an impact in the world.
I am an avid traveler and hobbyist photographer, and would love to share the world via my lens and blog. Do follow :)


Currently working at HevoData, as a product manager.
Modern companies use hundreds of different applications across its Technical and Marketing stack, adding a great burden on Engineering teams to quickly integrate them.
HEVO empowers you with a no-code data pipeline as a service. Start moving data from any source to your data warehouse such as Redshift, BigQuery, and Snowflake in real-time.

I love building products to solve problems using technology.

- May the source be with you!

Travel & Photography

I started learning photography in 2011, as a hobby in my college. Photography opened me up from an introvertish fellow to having a huge network in college. Also, boosted my confidence on trying out new things. Even today, I love to take the camera and walk around the city or new places, a healthy and enjoyable to explore.

I love to travel during the weekends and explore offbeat places near me. I have been travelling since my childhood. Lived in numerous cities in India and visited many beautiful places. After starting my career, I keep visting many places, exploring new destinations.

Some side projects

“Good things happen to those who hustle.” – Anais Nin

I like to play around with new technologies, build side projects.

My travel blog

This my blog travelogue I maintain to share my stories and my experiences majorly in India till now! I am based out of Bangalore and roam around on my screaming eagle.
I maintain this blog to brush up on my technical skills.

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I built this game as an assignment for a job interview during my developer days. Please play around and have fun. Sadly this only works on a laptop or desktop.
You can play single player against the computer too.

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In the past few weeks, people have been desperately turning to Twitter asking for leads regarding Covid resources such as oxygen cylinders, covid beds and other assistance like meals for patients, academic help and ccommute. There is a lot of information present on the microblogging site and sometimes it becomes difficult to filter through it, as the information could be old or unverified.
Here is a simple and quick tool to search for resources or leads based on a city or requirement.