Aaghran Ghosh | Product Manager

Proven track record of responsibly managing the development, release, and strategy of numerous products resulting in increased customer satisfaction, onboarding flow efficiency, and product development capabilities.

I used to manage the database/technical integrations portfolio at Hevo; with a $5M+ annual revenue.

Launched a small service to routed 100k+ reservations which recovered ~10m Eur while mitigating the impact of the pandemic at Sixt.

Achieved a 300% increase in organic traffic at Via.com with on my projects.

My hunger to keep on learning and exploring led me to transition into product management from engineering. Experienced in handling a team of developers and managing products. Believe in 'getting out of the building' and understanding user pain points. Coming from a UI background helps me understand the users better. I believe technology has the power to make a difference in people's lives.

Passionate about solving problems, I bring an extensive product background mixed with a keen eye for technology-based solution, to bring an impact in the world.

An avid traveler and hobbyist photographer.

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Wandering Bong | My travel blog project

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A self hosted travel blog on AWS with no deployment cost. Built with Nextjs, the images are hosted on the S3. The CMS is powered by a custom Strapi deployment.